Thursday, February 23, 2012

I took her skiing this week. I have been dying to get her on the hill for years. Grammy bought her her a kid pass in the fall. I couldn't afford to get myself one but as luck would have it I am now employed at my favorite hill...

It was a challenge finding her equipment on such a tight budget; I bit the bullet yesterday and bought her some used equipment from a local used sports store. She wasn't too thrilled by the lack of colour choice but the sales girl gave us a great idea to go buy stickers and decorate her skis. So we did.

Later that day...

Inside the staff hut, I set her up with her new gear and princess stickers she had picked from the Dollar Store. I chatted with the other instructors and got myself ready. When she was done personalizing her skis, I helped her put her boots on. She put her skis on by herself... and then skied over to the door, opened it, and went out the door. I guess she was ready to go.

She loved being pulled around by my poles. We practised a snow plow -- the little smarty pants nailed it right away. Then we cruised over to the lodge and grabbed a snack and had her picture taken for her pass! We ran into a family friend who bought her her very first ski helmet (after the hit I took buying all the gear, I decided we were just going to go old school and wear a toque). Now we were set. We hit the beginner hill where we could ride the magic carpet.

She kicked butt going down the hill, like every kid she only wanted to go fast and straight down. She could make her snow plow and slow down (or fall) at the bottom (most of the time). My supervisor happened to be there and was giving her more ski tips, our friend was taking pictures and cheering her on. We were both too eager to hit the chair lift so off we went. That could have been disastrous as it took 20 minutes to go down a run that would normally take me less than a minute... We were having way too much fun though. Once we figured out her balance, I handed her my poles and she skied beside me as we whizzed back and forth across the hill, 'weeeeee!" giggle, giggle and "Mommy I want to go straight down" is pretty much all that came out of her the whole time. She wanted to go again but I could sense some exhaustion coming on -- from both of us. I took her back to the hut, she rolled snow balls outside while I got our stuff together -- and that was the end of her very first day on the slopes! The end of season is just over a month away so I have one month to catch up on two years of missed skiing with her! Weeeee!!

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