Monday, December 1, 2014

Goodbye Urbania

I don't know the purpose of this blog anymore. I have changed the name to 'Mud and Stuff' to reflect the childhood that she isn't quite getting but which I have been putting in a good effort to attain here in Urbania.

When she was younger I would write about our days together. Lots of adventures -- we were on a great path. Now, there is no joy in our day. We cry of boredom. She cries of boredom. "Mommy, will you please play with me?"  "Ummmm, no?" So the poor dear plays by herself. A lot.

She is amazing though. We have no technology here - we throw on YouTube and Grooveshark for our tunes. Once in a while I'll let her play a game, but she rarely asks.

Tonight she did the stop-go-stop-go-backtrack-go until she had all the lyrics to Ariana's 'Bang Bang' written out. She's going to practice it with her friend this week and then they will perform it for their class.

My kid is rad. Soon we will leave Urbania.

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