Friday, December 19, 2014


Well that was a hefty couple of weeks. Her strep throat and being home really threw me off. We have not recovered. Very stressful around here. I am also going through some serious healing -- that life-changing transformation people go through after they've been through crap. I've been in a haze for six months straight. Many think it could be post-traumatic stress from God knows what incident this summer. I haven't even been able to sleep properly.

However, in this life-transforming process, magic is happening. I actually felt magic people! We found a place, the perfect place that only the universe could have made happen. It is so far away from anywhere I was even looking. In fact, it was in the 'no way, not living there' zone. However, turns out this is exactly where I want to be. We are now living in a cozy little house on a horse farm; it is pet-friendly with a gigantic yard, outdoor pool, epic storage space, kids all around, phenominal owners and FIVE HORSES!

It was magic seeing Little One (who I will now refer to as 'Horse Girl') with those horses. Couldn't get her away from them. I was chatting away with the landlady, but we both stopped when we realized Horse Girl was no longer with us. She was back at the horses, with her arms around the biggest ones head, giving it a bear hug and what looked like blowing it a raspberry. Landlady made a deal with Horse Girl - she will work hard on the farm closing all the gates and helping to scoop poop three times per week, and in turn will be 'trained' as a farmhand and learn everything she needs to know about owning horses because... Now she wants her own horse!

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