Thursday, December 4, 2014

We're Moving

I have been on many adventures this year, starting on Easter weekend. I just throw my day in a backpack and then head out. I haven't been on any excursions recently, I keep smashing my cars. The last one left us broken and in pain. Bloody hell. Always when I get my life going too.

Earlier this summer, my adventures led me to a farm which happened to be in the area I was eyeing up as my dream place to live -- the place I would manifest some property to build my ecohouse. On this farm, I learned to face my barriers (in less traumatic ways), and oh my are those barriers ever real.

Recently I have had to make a decision. I am done with this leg of the journey. We are moving. We're  packing up, leaving and getting out of this too-many-horses town ... We are heading twenty minutes east - to the neighbourhod of my dreams.

I feel excited. I'm feeling a purpose again and joy and excited to be moving forward with the momentum of the planet. Since accepting that I would have to uproot her from her the only community she's ever known and her awesome school, life is quickly getting back on path. Her counsellor says I'm building 'resiliency'. Glad she's supportive.

My body is getting fixed and more adventures are leading to more answers, cool people, and my manifesting the things I need (this month I've accumulated a bigger backpack as well as a small laptop which I can take to my outdoor office with me!)

I really look forward to getting my sense of humour back. Urbania really shot that down. My apologies but my blog posts won't be funny for a while; please bear with me as I regain that part of my soul.


Tonight I learned to crochet a dishrag -- thought it would be easier to learn to crochet than to do laundry and wash my dirty dishrags. She read a whole novel.  She's seven... Dear God get us to our farm.

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