Saturday, September 13, 2008

She's Going To Stand!

She's going to stand any day now! I've started noticing her letting go of whatever she's holding onto and slowly lowering herself to the floor, rather than falling down. Or she'll be booting along the furniture and will let go of one completly to go to the next one :) But, it's only for a fraction of a second so I don't think that counts as standing just yet!

Soon! I can feel it!


  1. My boy has been at that stage for quite awhile. He can occasionally stand on his own when he lets go for a second or so, but then he lowers himself down right away. Also instead of just plopping right down.

    I admit that I'm a little jealous that so many other kids who are his age (he's almost 13 months) and plenty younger are already walking. My brother didn't walk until 16 months and he just took off and went one day.

  2. Funny how one child will walk at 9 months and the next not until 16 months. It seems like such a huge gap, hmm... I walked at 14 months.