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Has Anybody Seen My Feet!?

MISSING: picture of baby's feet that were at the top of my blog page -- the picture was in black and white... If anybody knows where they went or how I could get them back please let me know!!!!! Where are MY FEET!?

You Know You're Raising Your Kid In the City When...

So the other day she came home from being with Daddy all day and went straight to having a nap -- a marathon nap. After two and a half hours, she finally woke up. I always take her outside in the afternoon after she wakes up but this time it was getting dark. I suited us both up as fast as I could and we high-tailed it to the park down the street. When we got there it was still light enough but there were these two dudes standing outside a white pervy van smoking something. Now, anyone who grew up where I grew up wouldn't normally be bothered by this. You'd just think, "oh there's two dudes smoking something in the park" and then you'd proceed to plunk your child on the swing next to them and ask them how their day was going. But, here in the city it's different. You try that here and you'd probably end up on the 5 o'clock news -- I might be stereotyping a little and I'm OK with that... So, we strolled right on past. I wanted her to

Oh No I Didn't!!

One of her newest words is, "HOT". Although, she leaves off the 'h' so it's "ot". I had been using the word around her for sometime and then one day when the oven was on, she went up to it, put her hand out and said, "ot". I love hearing new words come out of her mouth; she sounds so cute and it's always so exciting! Anyways, of course we got her to say it again and again. She has begun to associate the word 'hot' with pretty much anything dangerous. She'll go up to electrical outlets, light bulbs, the toilet, hold out her hand and say, 'ot'. My favorite was the other day when I took her outside to play. She was toddling up and down the sidewalk and decided to go check out the curb. I immediately told her, "not safe, too far" and took her little hand and led her back to the sidewalk. She went there a couple more times and I told her again, "not safe, too far". About the forth time (I'm very pati

How To Get Through A Day With A Teething Toddler

Up until this point she has had only four teeth... She's 16 months old (almost) and I think most toddlers this age have a full set of teeth by now. Well, this past week I've noticed two eye teeth and two molars pop up. The poor thing is in such discomfort and me? Well, I'M GOING INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now that we've settled into our new permanent home, we've finally managed to get a routine down. I pretty much run our days like a daycare complete with a sensory table, storytime, music and movement, and more! But, now that she's teething we've been leaving the home a lot because if we're home she just tugs on my pantlegs going "uh uh uh uh uh waaaahhhhhhhhhhh". If we don't leave home within a couple of hours after waking up I get really, really, cranky (I could use a better word but I've decided not to use cuss words on my blog). So, a typical day looks something like this: ~ Wake up and I set up some toys -- a cookie sheet w/ water or


I've wanted to be a mommy since I could push my Carebear in the stroller when I was, oh I dunno, three or so. I knew for a fact that I was going to be the greatest mom on the planet; better than any other mom I knew. Motherhood was going to be so much fun; I could give my baby baths, nurture it whenever it cried and then cuddle it until it felt better, feed it lots and lots of baby food -- the kind in the jars, put it to bed in a crib when it was time to sleep (and of course it would sleep), and of course... Diaper changes. Oh how I loved diaper changes -- when I was three and performing them on a Cabbage Patch Kid. I went through life -- school, jobs, travel, partied -- and finally, FINALLY, had a baby. My dream has become a reality and now have my own little baby to call my own. My own baby to squish and to squeeze and to love and to hug all over. Well let me tell you.... A Carebear weighs about a pound and a half, my baby? She came out a whopping 7lbs1oz. I measured

Home Sweet Home -- Finally!

December 31, 2008 marked the last day of our transient life and on January 1 we moved into our cozy little basement suite where we are here to stay! We had been spending the last couple of weeks at Aunty Amber and Uncle Andy's house and let me tell you we are missing their cooking very much. But, now I have my very own kitchen, with my very own stove and can cook my very own meals! It's been about a week and a half and Molly seems to really like the new place. I love it because it has everything on my list of criteria: ~open floor plan ~no stupid stairs ~a fenced yard ~a park nearby ~lots of storage ~a bathroom that's big enough to where I can stretch my arms out and spin without hitting the walls As a bonus, the family upstairs has two children aged four and two AND the mother is a stay-at-home-mom. I'm sure we'll get to know each other quite well. They even have a dog, which means that maybe I can get a dog ;) Molly can follow simple directions now such as, &