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Babies are so cute and snuggly. Toddlers are like little magical fairies that I love so much. Three year olds are my favorite. And four year olds? They're a fucking blast... She's 4.5 and her imagination is out of this world, she knows all the rules and laws (and enforces them consistently), she's maturing and enjoys time with her friends (but still wants mamma nearby), her sense of style and ability to match colours and patterns together is really starting to sort itself out (good gracious you should see some of the outfits she would put together when she was three) -- and she loves her family to death! She's laying in her boat while rowing it; I put out playdough and coloured popsicle sticks... Ice cream sundaes is what they come up with! Using every colour in the rainbow; her super-confident, out-going and funny personality.