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I'm going to be a billionaire.

Ski instructing has been going very well and I could share so much about this. Assholes continue to infiltrate my life and I have accepted that they are a constant. I have decided I'm a billionaire -- and this is really what I want to talk about. I took on the life of a billionaire a few months ago. Having reached my goals and dreams in life yet still plagued with chronic poverty and low income, I decided there is only one way out: I am going to be a billionaire. First I sat with what being a billionaire would feel like and what value this would bring to my life. Next, I decided, "yup, I want to do this." Then came the focus, gratitude, guidance and the synchronicities... Without disclosing all the magic (thus robbing y'all of your own process), here are few things I know for sure: I am already a billionaire. This will be tangible by the Yule of this year (2021). I manifest everything I write down. Since I have written this down, it is already happening. Being a bill