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For Real, Another Fire!?

You wouldn't believe where I am right now. I'm at home, sick with the stomach flu. I'm not really at home though. I'm at the public library because home is evacuated... Another fire in our building. So I'm at the library holding back my stomach contents, missing work, and evacuated from our building. There was a time when I could laugh about this sort of thing and I have three gut churning please-God-keep-that-dry-toast-down hours to try and remember those times. It is pretty ridiculous after all as it is the second fire-slash-evacuation since we moved in eight months ago. It does suck that I had to call my boss in to work for me. The poor thing has seven children and the last thing she wants to do is work my shift. I have a great history of not missing work but I'm a parent now and this is my fourth sick day since I started in September (Little One's sick days are also my sick days). Little One has such terrible anxiety from the last fire that I'm no