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I'm Ski Instructing Now

It's been fun returning to skiing over the past couple of years. Kind of hellish, actually but with persistence and determination after many, many years, I am back on the hill. And I won't ever leave skiing again! Having a ski pass the past couple of years wasn't enough for me -- life was still lacking. I realized recently that I needed to be emerged in mountain culture and ski instructing is the route I decided to take. I found the very best hill to work at where the people I work with are fun and funny -- just how I remember. This week... I finished the reinstatement process of my certification. I spent one day skiing in the rain with a couple of male-appearing humans. As anticipated, they were wearing expensive, nicely coloured Arcterik waterproof jackets. I had set out a very simple goal for this long-awaited day: I wanted to have the ugliest, oldest gear in the class -- then knock them all out with my skiing ability. As an ex-ski racer having grown up in a ski town, I