After-school time is the best time to feed the boring, nutrient-dense snacks. Public school-types are starving after school. As a young one, I always had fruit for her. As a teen, I have water, vegetables and then some healthy kind of sandwich thing. She inhales them within a block of leaving the school parking lot. On the day of the week when she goes to Dad's house, I will leave a snack out for her. Always healthy; never sweet. Most recent were non-salted (ie: bland) Triscuits, tuna mixed with BBQ sauce and -- get this, pickled dandelions. Anything is good as a melt, so to cover up this delightfulness, I melted them all with brie cheese on top. And then left them out to let the magic take it's place. In she came, seeking the food. She let out a, "mmm, oh my God, Mmm!" She gave a head nod, swagger, went off to get her things, finished the crackers and headed out the door... Pickled dandelions!! She ate pickled dandelions! The best of nature's goodness right after

Ohhh, Anger... And Fixing the World.

I have a ferocious level of Anger here with me today. Fer-fucking-rocious. Maybe it is because Mother's Day is coming up and I hate Mother's Day. Maybe it is because, yesterday, I vowed to destroy BigTech. That's a huge undertaking and today, possibly, I feel what that entails. Maybe it is because my child was on her tiny phone for 45 minutes yesterday and then I had to ask her to get off. Maybe it is the fully loaded smartphone that was given to her by her Dad and brought into my home in a real repulsive way. Maybe it is the repulsivity of the world. Maybe it's because we are to be living outdoors everyday -- but we're not. Maybe it is the affects of prolonged under-employment... But, I'm done with it all. I am a Billionaire now. Thank you for hearing me vent. Onto my next post: I Am A Billionaire.

April 19, 2021 - Martial Law and sewing machines

Well that was a day. No school today so we took her and a friend to the lake. I paid my cell phone bill at midnight last night. Today there is a nation-wide cell phone outage with one of the providers... My provider. The outage started at midnight last night. It lasted twenty-two hours. Ontario is under Martial law... Well, pretty  much. I don't think anyone will get shot by police but they can't leave their houses except for medical reasons. There is a massive plume of smoke outside. We walked down to see which house it was. Looked like it was one neighbourhood over. It's not. It's actually 16 blocks away. There is an apartment complex on fire. Nobody lives in it yet. It is just being built. I'm okay if they leave it as ash and replant the trees that were there a year ago. I liked the crowd at the lake today. The early spring crowd. We were there in our layers with snow on the mountain just above the lake and a cold wind keeping us centred. The news is silent today

Spring Skiing -- And the Best Day of the Year

We had the best day skiing yesterday. Well, at least I did. Spring skiing. Getting back on the hills, ski passes, mountain life -- it's what I've been working on all her life. And yesterday? We hit it!! She can ski the whole mountain. It was an exhilarating moment when I realized, we can ski together now! No longer my kid who is learning to ski, we can explore the whole mountain and all it's runs. On the way home, she said, "thanks for dragging me out."

Spring Break 2021 - Low Tech, Yes We Did It!

We have just gone two weeks of spring break (yes, spring break around here is two weeks long) and we did it! Exactly what I had envisioned: low tech and sticking to a normal weekly budget. The first week she was at her Dad's. I spent every single day in the outdoors, ski instructing. The second week she was here. It was laid back and wholesome to the point that it is a stretch for me to pull out actual memories or stories of what we did. I had been stocking up on good spring break food for a month (thanks to the clearance shelf at our local health food store). We went over the things she wanted to do for spring break beforehand and then, I wrote her ideas down . Writing her big ideas and aspirations is important in keeping her focused and on track with her hopes and dreams (of course I don't tell her I am doing this). This is one of many parenting techniques I've adapted to get her through the tech era (which is quite intentionally sucking the living daylights out of our

Spring Break 2021 - Low Tech and Chilling at Home!

We're staying home for spring break. Chilling out  in the backyard. Old skool. Initially, I had my eye on a week long ski camp for her. I wanted her to get out skiing with kids her age and adults that aren't her Mom. (Ya okay, so I work at the hill... I would teach the first week and then pop her into lessons and go skiing/snowboarding the second week.) Today however, I made the decision to lay low. You see, when life is hard, it's hard. You do things out of survival -- not necessarily because they are a good idea (although surviving is always a good idea). At some point, you come out of survival and it is only through good therapy and resonance that your cells notice you are back to safety... And I have had some goooood therapy and resonance this year. I am actually enrolled in a certificate program where myself and other student practitioners practice on each other. Hours upon hours of offering and receiving this work, the effects have been so clearing that my life has re

Mom, I Want to Take Parkour.

She has been asking for parkour lessons. What does my little kiddo need parkour lessons for? She is parkour (actually closer to free running but I will get to that). A constant mover and thinker who has never moved through space in a straight line, I proceed to tune her out as goes on about how she can't move forward in life without lessons. I go to her flipping through the handrails at SkyTrain stations, somersaulting over rails at bus stops (and the onlookers who would get joy out of watching her) as we rode transit for a year and a half through the city. I visualize the long hang kip's (I had to look that up) on the bars at parks, the double pirouette she mastered this year and the triple she did at school. I go back to the bouldering camp she participated in when she was eight, the rock face she climbed on the last day in Squamish and the transferring of those skills to other surfaces in our day to day life. I recall her three years in gymnastics and how we have been activ