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I took her skiing this week. I have been dying to get her on the hill for years. Grammy bought her her a kid pass in the fall. I couldn't afford to get myself one but as luck would have it I am now employed at my favorite hill... It was a challenge finding her equipment on such a tight budget; I bit the bullet yesterday and bought her some used equipment from a local used sports store. She wasn't too thrilled by the lack of colour choice but the sales girl gave us a great idea to go buy stickers and decorate her skis. So we did. Later that day... Inside the staff hut, I set her up with her new gear and princess stickers she had picked from the Dollar Store. I chatted with the other instructors and got myself ready. When she was done personalizing her skis, I helped her put her boots on. She put her skis on by herself... and then skied over to the door, opened it, and went out the door. I guess she was ready to go. She loved being pulled around by my poles. We practised a


She is having a great time in my friend's home daycare for the morning and I am sitting in the library whipping up some resumes. In September, she will be entering kindergarten and I will be getting a real job. Graphic design intern? Work in a print shop and learn the nitty-gritty of the printing process? Education Assistant with the school board? Work in that tasty hamburger joint up the street? What will I do to pay off my well deserved, monumental debts and save my now horrific credit rating that I have earned from being a stay-at-home, single mama for the past 3.5 years!?