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She Has A Violin!

Little one has super exciting news... We've rented her a violin. That's right, the most obnoxious sounding, wee little violin you have ever seen. This was following her sudden passion for the instrument. I don't know where her and her little friends spotted a violin but while making playdough one afternoon, they began pretending their wooden spoons were violins. They held them up to their chins and used sticks as the bows. Later on, I found Little One playing her ukulele with a stick. To keep up with her excitement, I took her to the Celtic music festival last Thursday afternoon; sure enough she was absolutely in awe of the fiddle's. So in awe that she didn't even get up to dance -- and we know how much Little One loves to dance! Her eyes were just fixated on this fiddle. A few days later her friend was here and we went for a trip to the music store. Not just any music store, but the Long and McQuade music store. This store is massive; there's one room full of