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Doo Mutch Winee

Little One's with her daddy for the weekend and I took off to visit Aunty Shelby. I spent the past four hours completing a homework assignment -- from start to finish -- while Yummy Boy refilled my wine glass three times... and Aunty Shelby talked about farts. I have to admit that although time consuming, my homework is pretty wicked. This is my third time in college so I can tell you when school work is fun. I have never looked forward to actually being able to sit down and work on homework. It's like meditation. I just traced a whole house on Adobe Illustrator and visualized not only the shiny A+ I'm going to get in week, but also images of a luxurious queen size bed, a refridgerator full of expensive cheeses, and a white Toyota Corolla Sport in the garage. It was a good time. On the flipside, my teeth are so fuzzy lately I could give them all pet names, and my mismatched furniture is finally starting to irritate me. Seriously, I only have two friends that I ever let i