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Outdoors Everyday: 2 Days Left Until School.

Since our initial trip to the ocean five weeks ago, we have: Explored the lakes around our house; Discovered the lakes, rivers, and trails in the mountains; Had a bear encounter with a friend and friend's kids (she wasn't with me) I hiked for three hours on the Bayden Powell Trail (with above friend -- where we were informed there was another bear sighted where we were headed); Tofino Trip ; I got her hooked on the driving range at the family-run Par 3 course; Saw two beavers and had bats fly above our heads; We did part two of our summer trip which was going into the interior; We ran into her grade three teacher on the top of a mountain pass; I swear I drove past my old boss at a rest stop; She got to see bestie (who just had the fire evacuation alert lifted the day we arrived) ; We met my friend who I haven't seen in a decade -- her kids are cute and fun. They have an awesome backyard; I waterskied on something called suicide boots , on a real waterski boat, with a coupl