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Little One's Birtday Month!

She's turning three this month. Since birthday's are meant to be celebrated all month long, here is her first week of turning three... Sept. 1 ~ We went to see Jesse Cook in concert. Amazing! She danced, sat on my friend's lap (mommy's was no longer good enough) and as usual was a crowd pleaser. The next morning I put my Jesse Cook CD on to see if she would recognize it and she did. Immediately, a huge grin crossed her face and she started in on her Mother Earth dance moves. (If you can't quite picture how this would look, imagine arms raised to the sun, with a cute little butt groove while her hips sway to and fro -- all while in her own little happy place.) Sept. 2 ~ We went to her favorite indoor playground at the mall. She loooves going here and although it's only five minutes from our house, we don't go there that much because you know... it's indoors. I ended up feeling yucky so we left the playground within 10 mins but hit the foodcourt for some

Little One's Birthday Celebrations Continue!

Sept. 8 ~ We were excited to go to Strong Start this morning. We found out the program doesn't actually start until next week. However, after work, we went to visit my friend (who apparently is more her friend now). She got to watch a movie, drink watered down juice, eat dark chocolate (the expensive, good kind), and sip on roobois tea, mmm, what treats! She was given a shiny new purse and got to work on a puzzle. Sept. 9 ~ We finally visited Granny Mac -- it had been so long! We went to a toy store and Granny found a birthday present for her. She kept Granny and I on our toes while in the store. Afterwards, the three of us went for lunch and then took a stroll along the seawall. Little One gave us a performance on Granny's piano. She's getting very good at the piano. She no longer smooshes down as many keys as she can but will actually line her little fingers up on the keys to play one at a time. She's going to make us rich! She was not into getting her picture take