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Outdoors everyday. 5.5 Weeks Left Until School.

In my car right now are three floaties, one set of golf clubs, a skateboard, Fox helmet, sand -- and a mountain bike attached to a bike rack. Going into this summer (just one month ago), I made a vow: We will spend everyday at the rivers, lakes, oceans and mountain bike trails. We've been doing pretty alright with this. This week alone we have been to the river on Sunday, ocean on Monday, river on Tuesday and ocean on Wednesday. Being outdoors makes me feel normal; parenting outdoors let's me know that my child is experiencing normal. This is also for us to stay grounded, healthy -- and to not be affected by the chaos. It's nuts out there. Getting her outdoors and, more specifically, ready and in the car is a different story. This hasn't always been an easy task. Sometimes preteens don't want to do what you need them to do. Often times there are influences that affect the flow and peace of the family unit. However, through my "just-get-her-into-the-car&q

Little One is a Preteen Now

I started Holistic Mamma when Little One (started as Molly, then Stinker, Little One and soon to be Horse Girl) was an infant and I had become a solo parent. It started after a friend we were visiting suggested blogging as a perfect avenue of income for me. That was back in the blogosphere days. It was so much fun to write about our life adventures... I didn't make a dime. By some twist of fate, I have been directed here today to bring Holistic Mamma back to life. I can see why. I have posts (plural) with over a thousand views (and one with thousands and thousands of views). Also, thanks to my Grandma, I have every post (as well as each accompanying and joyful email feedback by said Grandma) printed and organized in a binder. (Last fall, Little One  got to read through the binder and she thinks this blog is absolutely hilarious!) Anyway, this blog continues. Horse Girl is now in their preteens. Holistic Mamma has had enough with technology. It's 2020... Oh, this is gonna be go