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So my last post was about my swimming. For Horse Girl, though, her sports are archery and skateboarding with some forced hiking, skiing (she loves skiing) and other stuff along the way. She would like to set up her archery in the backyard. We keep a very active and engaged lifestyle in order to keep her disengaged from the gadgets. Regardless, I still had to say, "you can bring your archery here only when you can start to: 1) weekly chores without being asked/reminded 2) blah, blah, blah, 3) blah, blah, blah 4) blah, blah and 5) Enter one more here... then she can bring her archery here. She can keep it down in the rec room and take it outside whenever she wants. Oh the freedom! She also has an opportunity to get into ski instructing as early as next year... But I hear the way those young white boys talk about girls and their orifices after they get off the early morning shuttle -- so I'll be taking care of those boys first. I'm waiting for the ideal moment and a full aud

Triathlon Coaching, Why Not?

When I was a kid, I swam competitively. When I was a teen, I coached four swim teams and taught swimming lessons. Fifteen years later, and when Horse Girl was young, I began going to the pool for exercise. My life sucked at that point and when I decided it couldn't possibly get any worse I joined a Master's swim team... (This was not just any swim team -- it was hardcore). And piano lessons. (These weren't just any piano lessons, but that's another story). I soon registered for an open water swim -- and placed first in my age category. Then, I stopped swimming for seven years. (It was way too hard to manage practices, money, and the copious amounts of BS in my life). In 2019, I decided, 'heck, my life still sucks. I'm going to do the open water swim again'. Something in my workouts was off but I couldn't place it and soon I experienced something similar to an asthma attack while racing Horse Girl, one morning, to the bus stop . It would b