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Acrylic Painting

I was purging my clutter one week when she discovered my box of acrylic paints. Yeah, they're toxic and take three days to scrub off, but the girl can paint so she got to use them. It took some getting used to; she couldn't quite understand that you can paint a picture with such a little dab of paint. Once she figured it out though, she was on a role. I love the work she did: The next day (and then the next day and the three days after that) she found the box of paints again. I brought out her book, "The Colour Kittens" which the kids here love. It's about two kitties who are trying to make green -- but they don't have green paint! They keep spilling colours until, you guessed it... they make green! As expected, she went through the book and mixed the same colours onto her paper. Look at her exploring... I just sat by and observed, letting her get lost in her own little world of paint smearing and colour mixing.