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Everything is a Song...

What a change there has been in her since she has been home full time ! Not just in her, but in both of us. We are so relaxed and barfy sweet to each other (most of the time!). Since she has been out of daycare, she just sings constantly. She sings about getting dressed, spreading peanut butter on her toast, taking the dog for a walk, me, Grammy, princesses, beautiful dresses, birthday parties... you get the picture. We'll just be hanging out in the house and I'll hear her sweet little voice soaring from the other room. Amazingly, she never gets tired or pasty mouthed...

I'm a Mommy Again! Yahoo!

Hey y'all, wussup? Remember when I used to post on this thing regularly? That was fun. Well, I think about this blog regularly, I sit in front of my computer regularly, and tonight it looks like I might actually type something. I'm a stay-at-home Mommy again. I haven't done this since she was a year old (she's four next month!). Anyone who knows me knows that I have always wanted to be a Mommy with four kids, a couple of dogs, a lovely man, a big yard and ... daycare? What the hell is that and why would I want to send my kid there? Well, motherhood wasn't exactly peachy the first time. It was a bit of a disappointment -- playgroups suck, Mom's are judgemental, I was now listed as a 'dependant' on my tax return, being at home with a baby is boring and stressful at the same time, I got called not very nice things for losing my 'baby weight' so quickly (often by women who weren't even fat...and if they were, what did I have to do with it?),