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After-school time is the best time to feed the boring, nutrient-dense snacks. Public school-types are starving after school. As a young one, I always had fruit for her. As a teen, I have water, vegetables and then some healthy kind of sandwich thing. She inhales them within a block of leaving the school parking lot. On the day of the week when she goes to Dad's house, I will leave a snack out for her. Always healthy; never sweet. Most recent were non-salted (ie: bland) Triscuits, tuna mixed with BBQ sauce and -- get this, pickled dandelions. Anything is good as a melt, so to cover up this delightfulness, I melted them all with brie cheese on top. And then left them out to let the magic take it's place. In she came, seeking the food. She let out a, "mmm, oh my God, Mmm!" She gave a head nod, swagger, went off to get her things, finished the crackers and headed out the door... Pickled dandelions!! She ate pickled dandelions! The best of nature's goodness right after

Ohhh, Anger... And Fixing the World.

I have a ferocious level of Anger here with me today. Fer-fucking-rocious. Maybe it is because Mother's Day is coming up and I hate Mother's Day. Maybe it is because, yesterday, I vowed to destroy BigTech. That's a huge undertaking and today, possibly, I feel what that entails. Maybe it is because my child was on her tiny phone for 45 minutes yesterday and then I had to ask her to get off. Maybe it is the fully loaded smartphone that was given to her by her Dad and brought into my home in a real repulsive way. Maybe it is the repulsivity of the world. Maybe it's because we are to be living outdoors everyday -- but we're not. Maybe it is the affects of prolonged under-employment... But, I'm done with it all. I am a Billionaire now. Thank you for hearing me vent. Onto my next post: I Am A Billionaire.