Spring Break 2021 - Low Tech, Yes We Did It!

We have just gone two weeks of spring break (yes, spring break around here is two weeks long) and we did it! Exactly what I had envisioned: low tech and sticking to a normal weekly budget.

The first week she was at her Dad's. I spent every single day in the outdoors, ski instructing. The second week she was here. It was laid back and wholesome to the point that it is a stretch for me to pull out actual memories or stories of what we did.

I had been stocking up on good spring break food for a month (thanks to the clearance shelf at our local health food store). We went over the things she wanted to do for spring break beforehand and then, I wrote her ideas down. Writing her big ideas and aspirations is important in keeping her focused and on track with her hopes and dreams (of course I don't tell her I am doing this). This is one of many parenting techniques I've adapted to get her through the tech era (which is quite intentionally sucking the living daylights out of our future work force) fully intact. When I write her excitement down, even on the most stressful and grumpy days, I can keep her on track. She gets to tackle the things that excite her, our days constantly move forward, and she reaches or works toward her goals, daily.

So, the big things that we did on spring break were to buy hair dye and dye half her hair black, hang out with her friend at their farm all day (she got to do this twice), finish her science report and look for a longboard (we didn't get a longboard, but we did check out skateboard wheels at a locally run skateboard shop. And, she had to work for all of it.

Beyond that, I saw a rocket come back into orbit and explode before my eyes (as I was driving to pick up Horse Girl from the farm). We skied twice, ate good food and went somewhere outdoors every day. She got to stay home alone for prolonged periods of time (oh the freedom of being thirteen). She drew a lot, played piano, chatted with her friends and, get this -- wrote three chapters of a novel. Aside from that, our housemate was in the front yard praying to an injured bug when a transformer exploded. We then enjoyed a 14 hour power outage -- and our housemate moved out. *Housemate was already moving out -- their leaving wasn't due to the power outage, exploding transformer or the bug!

That was about it. That filled our days.




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