Spring Break 2021 - Low Tech and Chilling at Home!

We're staying home for spring break. Chilling out  in the backyard. Old skool.

Initially, I had my eye on a week long ski camp for her. I wanted her to get out skiing with kids her age and adults that aren't her Mom. (Ya okay, so I work at the hill... I would teach the first week and then pop her into lessons and go skiing/snowboarding the second week.) Today however, I made the decision to lay low.

You see, when life is hard, it's hard. You do things out of survival -- not necessarily because they are a good idea (although surviving is always a good idea). At some point, you come out of survival and it is only through good therapy and resonance that your cells notice you are back to safety... And I have had some goooood therapy and resonance this year.

I am actually enrolled in a certificate program where myself and other student practitioners practice on each other. Hours upon hours of offering and receiving this work, the effects have been so clearing that my life has restructured. Earlier this week, I let go of the program (I will return in a future cohort). And today? I let go of the ski camp. An inner knowing said take a big step back and enjoy the fruits of my labour, let everything settle in my cells and enjoy my new, healthy normal...


Financial stress has been a normal for me. I have lived in chronic poverty all of her life. Yet, this inner knowing nudged me, 'keep your money in your bank. You are not sitting in survival anymore -- you have arrived.' No tuition payment and no ski camp payment. I am reveling in inner peace and abundance today. I will hold my typical weekly gas and grocery budget and eat out once during the week. Spring break will breeze by with lots of good meals, very limited internet and device usage, outdoors, enjoying our home and friends. She will be full of contentment, fresh air and more adventures to add to her childhood memories... And my bank account won't even have felt it.


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