April 19, 2021 - Martial Law and sewing machines

Well that was a day. No school today so we took her and a friend to the lake. I paid my cell phone bill at midnight last night. Today there is a nation-wide cell phone outage with one of the providers... My provider. The outage started at midnight last night. It lasted twenty-two hours.

Ontario is under Martial law... Well, pretty  much. I don't think anyone will get shot by police but they can't leave their houses except for medical reasons.

There is a massive plume of smoke outside. We walked down to see which house it was. Looked like it was one neighbourhood over. It's not. It's actually 16 blocks away. There is an apartment complex on fire. Nobody lives in it yet. It is just being built. I'm okay if they leave it as ash and replant the trees that were there a year ago.

I liked the crowd at the lake today. The early spring crowd. We were there in our layers with snow on the mountain just above the lake and a cold wind keeping us centred.

The news is silent today; the way it always is when there is something going on.  It's just covid numbers and pushing a vaccine. They announced my age group today. I'm supposed to be excited. People seem excited and they tell me like they want me to join their excitement.  I don't really know what to say so I say nothing.

She is finishing the corset she is sewing. Amazing! We are low tech here. Sewing machines are great gadgets to play with. I have a reputation with her friends and classmates too. Four hours at the beach today and I saw those stupid phones get picked up for about ten minutes only -- on the car ride home. So proud of those teens. They had a good time.

That's just the parts of the day I can share. You know we are going to get a blackout, right? Martial Law and no internet. Just get a landline. And a sewing machine too.


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